About Us

Is a trendy online fashion store for the uniquely powerful modern woman. A leader in her field.

Whether she is a self-made business owner, Fashion guru, artist, makeup enthusiast, fitness Queen, she is a showstopper and shifts the room with her magnetic aura. That is the Exalted Fashion effect. She takes care of herself; mind body and soul. her holistic temple is pure and her vibration unmatched. She is a Queen on her throne.

She is fit and takes care of her health. Gym and Yoga are a part of her weekly routine and even then, you can easily spot her wearing unique gear that is not found anywhere else. Exalted Fashion store prides itself in sourcing the best quality material to last a few seasons. The clothes are futuristic and the fabric never loses its firmness and natural hues. 

Most importantly, we are part of the Global Models Network, a platform that seeks to empower freelance, upcoming and established models, influencers and fashion designers with the X- factor world wide. We run several campaigns to give our models exposure to the global market, provide opportunities to travel, showcase their talent and earn the highest respect from the international community, whilst earning an income. 

You will note that with each of our models, we have their Instagram handle links attached to their picture to promote clients to follow them on the socials.

We do not discriminate on race, age and weight, weight. If you know you are confident, unapologetic and this brand aligns with your style the do join our community by following us on all social media platforms:

Our business address is 1595 Kgomo Stand, Winterveld, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. We also have offices in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.  So we do have a presence in your country and not just being based in other part of the world. Our support teams are always happy to help you, and to work with our models to build their successful modelling careers.

To Join, purchase items and tag us to be considered to model our new hot ranges in the near future. 

Yours humbly,


Exalted Fashion Team